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: ACR Corrected JPEG Not EM2 Updated
: charlesBOEHM October 29, 2009, 01:42:10 PM

I have been out of the loop since early September (hardware/software problems). Will likely be out of the loop again when I attempt Snow Leopard installation next week.

I'm rather new to EM2 and because of the 'outage' what I have learned i may have forgotten. Here's the problem. I have Jpegs in Bridge CS4 that have been corrected in ACR and moving them to EM2 does not update the preview. Different ACR settings: Defaults, Previous, Export To xmp, and Save Settings did not work. I've tried resetting EM2 Rendering, ACR Jpeg File Handling, and Bridge settings in various combinations, I've tried Rebuilding, and Creating a New Catalog. Also been searching DAM forum posts for a couple hours; all to no avail.

Will someone please straighten me out on this?


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