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: Verify/Regenerate Previews, LR DNG Workflow
: braver June 11, 2008, 09:56:43 PM
With the current state of the Adobe DNG converter and Lightroom, what's the best way to make sure we have current, full-size JPEG previews?

Since I do adjustments in LR, I've chosen not to generate the preview at all in ImageIngester stage.  The assumption is, I'll have to regenerate most of them after the adjustments for 1+ rated majority, since I rate 0 and not bother with only a fraction of shots.

Now I can either rerun the converter if it allows exactly regenerating the previews, or do it from the LR menu -- which appeared thanks to Peter -- to update metadata and regenerate DNG preview.  I can do it by selecting all photos and doing that.  Still I wonder how can I make sure the preview is there and is full-size and is current -- otherwise we'd need to manually mark workflow stages with flags or some such.

I guess in LR, the workflow, instead of Peter's folders 1-4, would be something like,

-- import into LR (without JPEG previews)
-- rank
-- adjust 1+
-- generate JPEG previews for all

What stage we're in can be distinguished by flags, as they are not moving through folders anymore.

Bucketing for DVD backup would come after, and need some thought as preview adds size.



: Re: Verify/Regenerate Previews, LR DNG Workflow
: peterkrogh September 13, 2008, 08:33:25 PM
I'd suggest that in normal workflow you sync metadata and regenerate previews for everything just prior to archiving the files.
It's a little tricky, in that you can easily have some files hiding and not select them for update, but if you pay attention, it should not happen.

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