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: Adobe RGB File Renaming
: madone August 27, 2006, 06:59:43 PM
I am in the process of trying to convert my old images over to the DAM method of storage, renameing. Peter and others, what do you do to make the distinction in filename between Adobe RGB, vs RGB? I know my D200 puts an "_" at the beginning of the filename. Is this something that you continue to do..or do you just disreguard the prefix "_"? Thanks


: Re: Adobe RGB File Renaming
: peterkrogh August 27, 2006, 09:03:17 PM
That prefix has no effect on the file.  Get rid of it with no second thought.

: Re: Adobe RGB File Renaming
: Doug Pardee August 27, 2006, 09:08:40 PM
I drop the distinction. The underscore at the start of the filename is only a requirement of the DCF 2.0 specification for files in the camera's file system. It's there because technically the camera is permitted to create both an sRGB and an Adobe RGB JPEG for the same picture, and both files have to have filenames that end with ####.JPG and both have to be in the same directory (folder). The underscore naming is there to distinguish between the two files. I don't know of any cameras that actually do that.

This DCF 2.0 naming convention also allows JPEG processors such as the kiosks at Wal*Mart to easily ignore any JPEGs that aren't in the sRGB colorspace, although I don't know if the kiosks actually ignore them or not.

Anyway, there's no particular need to retain the leading underscore on the filename once the file is on your hard drive. Of course, if you happen to like it there's no reason not to retain it, either.

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