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Author Topic: Duplicate Files - Importing with original names +- 1 year. Ideas Please  (Read 3690 times)
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« on: January 06, 2012, 12:08:01 PM »

Hello Forum,

I have implemented the filenaming convention discussed in Peter's Book. This is working great, no issues there.

I am at the point, where I am trying to fix the past (previous to implementing the ideas from the DAM Book), where I imported into lightroom using the original camera filename IMG_xxxx.CR2 . I now understand now how wrong that was. I have many questions on how to fix it:

1) How can I rename these files (folder by folder/event by event) and don't loose track of these files in Lightroom. Can I rename them from within Lightroom or I need to rename them outside of Lightroom and then let Lightroom know of the new filename?.
2) I am thinking of using the following filename AP_eventname_yyyymmdd_xxxx.CR2, where xxxx is the original filenumber from the camera. OK?
3) The logic behind that filename is so I can reimport the files that have been replaced within lightroom when a newer event was imported that had the same filenames.
4) Can I know what filenames where "replaced" in Lightroom when the same filename was being imported on a second event?.

I have a hard time trying to explain this, I hope everyone knows what I am trying to describe: For Example On Event1, I imported IMG5697.CR2 thru IMG6000.CR2. Then for a future event, I again import the same filename IMG5697.CR2, thus Lightroom pointing in its catalog this filename to the new CR2 file and the IMG5697 from the first event is no longer referenced on the catalog. Can I know how to discover the files that lost its reference on the Lightroom catalog. Maybe referring to this as "replace" (in (3) and (4) ) is incorrect, and I should use the term "referenced to" or something similar. I know that the actual raw files are still in their folders, but how to know which files are no longer "referenced to" on Lightroom?.

Thanks in advance.

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« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2012, 08:13:22 AM »

I'm not sure I totally understand the problem here, but a couple of "Beardsworth rules" for Lightroom:
  • Never try to resolve problems by re-importing or by synchronising folders
  • Once files are registered in Lightroom, only rename them using Lightroom

It sounds like we should take this step by step. What stage are you at, and have you already tried renaming files somewhere? If you do a Library > Find Missing Photos, how many photos does it tell you are missing? Are there any question marks on any folders?

Mathew Farrell
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« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2012, 05:26:50 AM »

I have found that lightroom is a whole lot easier for changing filenames or locations than I suspected. I think F2 is the shortcut for batch renaming, or it can be found in the Library menu

I didn't completely follow your logic for keeping the camera original file number. The way I see it though, is that there is no need, and the only value is for linking the file back to your backup somewhere (which haven't had their names changed). A beaut thing about the lightroom Input diaglogue is that it will search out images that aren't already in your library.

As an example, I recently had some of the images in my library corrupted. I was able to delete them (renamed DNG files). I could then use the Input dialogue, select the appropriate backup folder/bucket, and only the images I had deleted from the working catalogue were picked up and imported. No need for me to even know the old file name. The only potentially tedious part was matching the sequence number portion of the new filename to that of the now deleted corrupt image.

I think part of your question refers to knowing which files/where the files are that are being referenced by Lightroom. For me and my file structure this is pretty easy, as the folders window gives you overviews of how many images are stored in various locations. For example, if any files appear on my such-and-such drive, it means that I've done something wrong/missed a step, and I can relatively easily drag those images to the appropriate location.

I hope I've understood you correctly.


Mathew Farrell
Flowstate Photography
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