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Author Topic: EM2 DNG Metadata Conumdrum  (Read 2567 times)
Nick Rains
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« on: December 29, 2010, 02:53:52 AM »

OK, so I'm using the DNG format for my cataloguing. I have lots of files catalogued in EM2, and I'm in the process of moving to LR3 as a main cataloguing app.

I make sure I have 'synched to original files' in EM2, and most of the changes are now reflected in the LR3 catalogue when I 'Read Metadata from Files', much as you'd expect.

Problem is, some don't update, with no pattern that I can see, maybe 10 percent.

Working on individual files, EM2 Synch shows a quick progress bar so it's doing something. LR3, Bridge and Photo Mechanic do not show/read the changes. EXIFTools shows the XMP metadata being present as expected, it's just not showing in LR3, Bridge and PM. Interestingly PM does not show any metadata at all whilst Bridge and LR3 show the caption and copyright, but that's all.

OK, here's the really odd bit.

If I make any small metadata change to the same file in LR3, and update it (Save metadata to File)  then the EM2 Synch now does work and LR3 etc can subsequently see the correct metadata. It's as though the update from LR3 somehow causes the DNG file to now be able to be updated by EM2. This works everytime. If a file won't synch from EM2 so that the other apps can read it I can fix the problem by making a slight metadata change in LR3, then the synch mysteriously works.

Anyone seen this?


Nick Rains

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