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Author Topic: IV False Errors if dont Boot into Safe Mode??  (Read 4705 times)
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« on: August 26, 2010, 06:33:45 AM »

Hi Marc, Peter, et al:

I am testing IV (and several other back-up/verification software) to write an article on DAM workflow but am experiencing an issue:

Unless I boot into Safe Mode, I get many false errors on hash and verify (I am not referring to structure issues due to noncomplying tifs.  I am referring to the hash creation/verification).  This mostly occurs with very large .tif files (150 mb), especially ones that are "RAW" Viewscan film scans at 64 bits (R.G.B plus inferred).

I have found this issue both on Vista 64 and a clean install of Win7 64.  I turned off Indexing/paging/system restore and all anti virus or firewall software (none installed on the clean Win7 OS partition).  I have also tried keeping the source and destinations on the same partition.

If I hash and hash check the same files multiple times with IV in normal start-up (vs Safe Mode) I get errors on different files from one run to the next.  If I then repeat in Safe Mode, I don't get errors.

Even on the clean OS install with no other programs loaded, I get this condition.

The PC otherwise runs perfectly.

Does anyone have any wisdom for me?  I am working on several TBs of image files and want to be sure my back-up/archive is correct and verified.

Thanks for the guidance you give us all here and elsewhere!

Caleb Clapp
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