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1  Software Discussions / Lightroom / Re: Migrating into/out of LR, Collections vs Keywords on: November 18, 2009, 01:51:09 PM
Yes and Adobe is cutting staff, the gatekeeper(s) will not be keeping regular hours now..
2  General / Photo Blogs / Re: Recommended host for pix on: June 08, 2009, 11:22:03 AM
thanks Ken and NJHeart2Heart

I was looking for a little info and I got that... I was looking for opinion on various photographers needs ( organized amateur and the profoundly pro shooter, who else would be on this forum! ) and who ( Provider wise ) was meeting those needs of the aformentioned.

Oh well. It takes time and no enough of that except when we have to do it over again.

3  General / Photo Blogs / Recommended host for pix on: May 29, 2009, 04:15:06 PM
So whom would the collective/individual opinions here recommend for a place to display images. Smugmug, zenfolio ( long discussion running over there on poor uploading times? ), wordpress? How many here "flickr"?

This can be both commercial IE, you sell via the web sit or not, or you just need to be seen ( my most likely venue ).

So of our 2100+ members who is using what or whom.

Is it possible to do a poll?

4  Software Discussions / Lightroom / Re: metadata control in Lightroom v2.x and Photo Mechanic on: March 24, 2009, 12:38:38 PM
That is a very good overview and I would recommend it as a must read, I use PM lightly but now I realize that LR2 could use a editor and will be more diligent about my PM use.

5  Software Discussions / ImageIngester and ImageVerifier / out of time interval: answer update & daylight savings time on: June 21, 2008, 11:57:59 AM
I leave this up, because I cannot delete my own error, just own up to them, Yes I noticed a update ( IIPro ) and then noticed " I " had not check "daylight savings time"..arghh

Greetings M

My camera time and my GPS time are with in 15 seconds or so but I have no joy.. I do not parse/"get" the
log", I get the DOD variation in elevation but not the time hacks,  I was walking about the house, couple of snaps, then process in IIPro to get in the tune with camera/GPS, clueless in Portland. There is no formatting the card is the GPS, that may not make any sense anyway, as I can see the card when it mounts on my desktop ( MSDOS, FAT 12 ), using a mac here for IIPro.

It was 11 something on the gps and camera...
Track 3: ACTIVE LOG112311
      File: /Users/tdodge/Desktop/20080621.gpx
      Track points: 621
      Start time: 2008-06-21T10:23:09
      Stop time: 2008-06-21T10:33:30
      Total time: 00:10:21
      Distance: 0.31 km (0.19 miles)
      Avg. speed: 1.80 kph (1.12 mph)
      Starting elevation: 46.84 m (153.67 ft)
      Ending elevation: 15.66 m (51.39 ft)
      Highest elevation: 46.84 m (153.67 ft)
      Lowest elevation: -0.76 m (-2.49 ft)
      Highest - Lowest: 47.60 m (156.15 ft)
GPS on visual check ( time ) shows camera and gps close, but I was presuming not "spot on" necessary. There is only the one *.gpx log, unless there is a buffer before the data is written to the card, but I have "tracks to be written to the card" ...


with a new etrex Legend HCx ( umm Camera is a elderly D1x )
6  DAM Stuff / Hardware Discussions / Delkin 32 bit CF Adaptor does not work with Leopard on: December 09, 2007, 02:43:05 PM

I did not find a post relating to this any place on the forums. If running a powerbook G4 with a card bus slot and the Delkin adaptor mentioned above, it will not mount on the powerbook running Leopard, turns out they, Delkin need a new driver and they are writing one. 32bit Runs fine under 10.4.X, not 10.5.X.

7  DAM Stuff / Hardware Discussions / Re: Connecting two Macs, one G5 and one MacPro on: August 07, 2007, 10:31:12 AM
Mr Jordan

Check out the Help file ( under "Help" in the menu, top of screen ) search on "ethernet" and " connecting to shared computers and servers "check out the "network assistant" for set up 1st time. You will need CAT 6 cable ( some one correct me here if this is wrong ) spendy, but you get the maximum speeds over copper, I believe recommended by Apple.

"Control of the other computer". If they are in close proximity to each other consider  a KVM switch ( Keyboard, Video & Mouse ), the intended computer is to be far away, software, either Timbuktu or Apple remote desktop.

And remember a UPS for each unit, capable of supporting a controled shutdown, software & hardware, in your absence.

8  DAM Stuff / Hardware Discussions / Re: Issues with external on: July 27, 2007, 08:39:45 AM

Platform ( wintel, Mac ) version of Operating System please. Do You have any file recovery tools?

9  Software Discussions / Lightroom / Re: Metadata Location keyword usage on: July 24, 2007, 10:05:33 AM
Mr Beardy

good to hear you are dry, beer tent is a problem for another day.

Yes I had removed the template from the "wrong folder" after creating the new "Metadata Field Lists" folder. Placed the template file with in the new folder, and restarted LR. Will try again, I will take a screen shot of the msg. and post it somewhere, have not tried that here, Mr Danaltick has posted images inline perhaps I can too, maybe it is a list owner thing, I will check.

Terence Dodge
10  Software Discussions / Lightroom / Re: Metadata Location keyword usage on: July 23, 2007, 02:09:17 PM
Mr Beardy

It seems I have a personal problem. On starting LR I get a error of changing modules, then LR opens with no module active, clicking on either library or develope generates the msg. again. Quiting LR and removing the new folder restores the expected experience, on restarting LR. I have been reading the reference page "  " sound good.

any guess, any road..

by the way are you dry in your neck of the woods? It has been raining your side of the pond.

Terence Dodge
11  Software Discussions / ImageIngester and ImageVerifier / Re: GPS data on ingestion on: July 23, 2007, 01:05:18 PM
Greeting Marc & nanjeca

The only camera I am currently aware of that takes a direction from the a "directionally aware GPS" ( Garnin GPSMap 60CXs ) is the the Nikon D2Xs.
From DPReview "The optional GPS Adapter Cord MC-35, permits location information such as latitude, longitude, altitude and heading (direction) to be transferred from a GPS device and recorded with the shooting data for each image."

Heading is Nikons term. There is no mention of this in their pdf downloads, neither comparison chart nor spec's pdf, mention the "heading". The D200 does L & L but not direction as far as I know ( short distance that ), perhaps a firmware update,  anyone have a D200 and a directionally oriented GPS and of course the "MC-35".

12  Software Discussions / Lightroom / Re: Metadata Location keyword usage on: July 23, 2007, 12:43:25 PM
Mr Beardy

First a general thanks for your work.

A question here, "Mac User/library/application support/Adobe/Lightroom/Metadata Field Lists"

did you create that folder as I have none such in my above address, I have parked the script in "Metadata Presets", the sole occupant being my "Terence basic.lrtemplate" prior to saving your script.

Terence Dodge
13  DAM Stuff / Keywords and Controlled Vocabulary / Peters Paper from the "PHMDC" conference on: June 15, 2007, 08:58:40 AM
Hi Peter or supporting minions

I followed a David Riecks link to the "" and was looking for your paper but all I was able to download was a general out line of the meetings subjects/objectives in "ZIP" format,  is your talk in pdf format to be posted on their ( PHMDC ) at some future date? I do note that not all the presenters have pdf's of their presentations available for download.


14  Software Discussions / iView MediaPro / Re: Catalogs locking, can't add from other galleries on: May 28, 2007, 09:03:01 AM
Bill S said

"John- I suppose you could always wait for a new version and pay an upgrade fee (ie, wait for an election, and then pay the tax increase that gets passed). Having said that, might someone disgruntled with the incumbent (iView) wind up voting in an Expressions candidate? We seem to do a fair amount of these 'backwards upgrades' in the US.

No backwards upgrades in US. We do Retro upgrades in the US, thank you, and in all fairness to the Mac users, try holding down the "option" key when opening Parliament, in the US the option key gambit ( technical term ) has never been available with our legislative bodies, they are running under CP/M ( try DAM on a 4.5 inch, mono CRT ) not even DOS.

15  DAM Stuff / Hardware Discussions / Re: Article on DVD longevity on: May 18, 2007, 08:11:02 AM
Hello Mob

I have read a chunk ( it is long ) of this article, and have begun reading the comments ( to which the articles author does respond ), in one sense the article is for those perceiving a need for archiving ( leaving your work for inheritance, curatorial..), which if I recall Peters perspective from "the book"  is that as media ( hard drives, solid state ( silicon ) is on the horizon ) changes so often ( Density, "Blue-ray", HD-DVD, cost per giga byte ) then investing in LONG term archive ( $40 per hundred spindle, w/ground S&H, 4.7 gig, example of recommended mfg. ) maybe not the best investment in our/your business.

How old is your current oldest DVD archive bucket, that you have test for integrity ( using Marc R. tool, or Adobes ...) on what schedule, really I am curious, best practices and all that.

Comments anyone.

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