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1  Software Discussions / Lightroom / Re: Save metadate not working? on: July 14, 2009, 03:25:08 PM
After experiencing the same problem, I was fortunate to find a solution through Adobe's LR Forum. Here is my report.

The solution was provided by Ian Lyons, a Community Expert on Adobe’s LR Forum. Another regular Adobe Forum participant, Jao vdL, observed, “When something is wrong with the catalog file, it is often hard to fix." The thread may be found under the title, "How to fix saving of metadata changed in LR".

I would be glad to upload a more complete report of the problem, measures tried and a detailed list of steps followed for resolution. "Attachments" is not present under Additional Options...

In summary, copy the problem photo, import, copy metadata to the copy, remove original from catalog, synch folder to reimport, copy metadata back to original, save metadata on original.

Specific steps:
1.   In Finder, make a copy of the problem photo.
2.   In LR, in the Library module, import the copy into the catalog.
3.   Copy the metadata from the original.
4.   Paste the metadata into the copy.
5.   Remove the problem file from the LR catalog (do not delete from disk).
6.   Do Library>Synchronize Folder to reimport the original photo.
7.   Copy the metadata from the copy.
8.   Paste the metadata into the original.
9.   Select the reimported original and save metadata to file.
10.   Delete the copy from the disk.

Confirm downward arrow badge is no longer present for the formerly problem photos.

Since this is a single case, your results may not match mine. The process, while painstaking, saved my images, appears to have cleared up catalog corruption and restores sound sleep, not to mention making me more confident about the quality of the copies of my catalog.

Doug Johnson
2  Software Discussions / Lightroom / Re: Smart Collection rule for Headline? on: September 21, 2008, 06:50:45 PM
Good idea! Your test indicates that Searchable IPTC does find text in the Headline field so it is indeed searchable. That is progress. I confirmed your test successfully. I also tried the inverse of my rule: Searchable IPTC contains a e i o u. That search produces 100% of the images, apparent success.

That leads to two issues. First, for my purposes, the rule returns false positives. When using the rule: Searchable IPTC contains a e i o u, it returned 100% of the images even when I had deleted my text from Headline on one image. That suggests it is looking at fields in areas outside the one labeled IPTC, just as you were thinking. If IPTC includes fields in other sections of the LR metadata panel such as Location or Copyright, we're out of luck because I utilize several of those fields.

The second issue is the remaining puzzle: how to get the null set, the reverse. We don't have "Is empty" as a test. And, the "a e i o u" string that works to find the null set for other fields such as Location seems not to be working here.

Thanks for giving thought to this issue, Sam.

I've submitted a LR Feature Request to Adobe. Hope other users reinforce the utility of more robust rule capabilities. I did a crude search of other FRs but could not find another one on this subject. My search, however, was not thorough.

3  Software Discussions / Lightroom / Smart Collection rule for Headline? on: September 20, 2008, 06:14:16 PM
Is it possible to create a Smart Collection rule that would equate to "Headline Is Empty" or, in Beardy-speak, "Headline doesn't contain a e i o u"?

I've tried building a Smart Collection that matches two conditions: [Collection | Contains All | Current Work] and [Searchable IPTC | doesn't contain | a e i o u]. With these two conditions, the Smart Collection contains zero items.

Here's my data: The images in Current Work all have no entries in any IPTC field except Headline. Ninety-nine images of the 100 in Current work have an entry "LPD Badges". Headline is empty in one image.

Apparently "Searchable IPTC" does not contain Headline. There's a rule worth changing.

Am I stuck?

Doug Johnson
4  Software Discussions / Media Pro & Expression Media / Positive movement in the bushes on: August 09, 2007, 07:16:17 PM
More signals that progress is coming in the improvement of XMedia. Over the last month, I've been corresponding with an XMedia developer who replied to an issue I posted on their support site. Three messages to report.

First, I was impressed to be contacted by a developer interested in pursuing my issue.

Second, the catalog crashes I was experiencing in XMedia - but not in iVMP - were related to corruption in my catalog. By subdividing the catalog in iVMP and running the new splits in XMedia, I found one split that could not be made to crash in XMedia. Therefore, the crashes were not universally happening in XMedia. Good news.

Second, continuing a discussion of software development, the analyst commented, "Keep with it, xMedia is going to be stunning .... " I'm inured to the usual software developers' blather. I've developed software and, in the context of our conversation, this didn't tickle the BS detector. This fellow had nothing to gain by snowing me. I have no relation with iVMP or Microsoft whatsoever beyond being a paying customer and wanting great products.

I still have questions about corruption in catalogs and the management of same. However, I'm going to stick with the product based on my own testing, comments by Peter, Beardy and others, and this tantalizing "report from the front".
5  Software Discussions / Import From Camera / Re: IFC - Crashes Bridge CS2 on: February 27, 2006, 08:38:24 PM
Hi Peter,

Like CDRNorth, I found the DAM Book outstanding in every way. My DAM workflow is now established and works well: Bridge, IFC, iView Media Pro. Whole nine yards.

I've also had the same experiences with IFC CDRNorth reported: crashing when Preserve Filename... is checked and quirky metadata writing, e.g. missing 11 out of 58 metadata updates in a batch. The latter in no clear pattern, not the first or last, sometimes adjacent. For example, metadata wasn't written for 227.nef or 228.jpg but it was written for 227.jpg and 228.nef.

Appreciate you're comments, Peter. Just wanted to add another user report of similar experience. My only difference is that I'm working on NEF and JPEG files created by a Nikon D200. Looking forward to next version of IFC. Will adjust my own workflow until then to avoid issues.


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