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1  Software Discussions / Choosing Software/Other DAM Applications / Re: Photoshop Elements as a DAM application on: June 10, 2007, 12:42:50 PM
I am new to this forum. I hope to tap into the obvious expertise of the contributers to this thread. Please tell me if this should be a new thread.

The DAM book makes it obvious that I need to develop a more effective and forward looking system even if I am just a serious amateur.

I have been using PSE3 an now PSE5 for a few years with the goal initially of organizing a gargantuan collection of JPG and TIFF images consolidated from various media, computer hard drives and EHDs. I keep a main catalog and consolidated library on an EHD and my spouse two sons and I use this on at least 3 computers  (in two countries) each of which has its default catalog. We usually download our current SD cards as much as is on each computers hard drive and use the the EHD as the master catalog and storage site. I am loath to delete files from the SD cards as we occasionally reference images from the camera and use the cards to download at different computers as the master EHD is not available in all locations. I eventually wish to begin to use RAW files and DNG if I can first get a handle on my current inventory of files.

The problem is duplicate files on the master EHD and in the catalog. I used Duplicate File Finder ( Of 22,000 fairly recent files on the digital images folder 1/3 are duplicates. Many but not all of them are also true duplicate in the master catalog. Of the 130,000+  image files on the master EHD consolidated from all sources about 30% are duplicates !

I like many of the features of PSE however it seems to be a bit slower and I fear the problems with backup etc. which I have noted in forums.

I am tempted to clean all the duplicate files from the master EHD and start over with a new catalog. I would like to use a function like the PSE 5's new downloader option and have the folders automatically created and named by date. I would also love to import the many tags and collections though most have none.

Can I do this or am I better to somehow repair my unwieldy and overloaded EHD and catalog?

If I import in small batches how small? How often to do File> Catalog>Recover? Am I better off having various catalogs e.g. one or more for scanned photos etc.? How big a collection of files can be handled by any one catalog without bogging down?

I have been reading with interest the other software available and am considering IDimager, IMatch, iView however I am unclear which version of each would be most appropriate for me and which would have the most ease of use, stability and compatibility with my current status.

I know this is a lot but please set me on the right path.
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