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1  General / General Discussion / Backup software on: December 11, 2010, 09:47:23 AM
Can someone recommend a good backup software to save the DRV and RAW buckets.
Do you recommend backup that compresses the files like Norton backup or just a basic copy of files from one location to the next.  I would like to find a good backup software that woud do an inital backup of everything then the next time I backup it would just copy the new files.  Any suggestions?  I really need the help.  Thanks
2  Software Discussions / Media Pro & Expression Media / Re: Peter and others -- Which is better on: September 18, 2008, 08:40:50 AM
How do you get EM to auto rotate the images like it does in other programs.  I know there must be a way.

3  Software Discussions / Media Pro & Expression Media / Expression Media how-to questions on: September 18, 2008, 08:27:44 AM
What are photographers doing when using EM to find versions of the same image?
What is with the catalog size limit?  How do you get around that?
4  Software Discussions / Media Pro & Expression Media / Re: Peter and others -- Which is better on: September 17, 2008, 03:50:07 PM
Thanks Scott for the reply.

I must not understand all the ins and outs of DAM.  I have Peters book and it has helped.
Basically the things that I am unhappy about my current software is.
1.  It has problems reading some images mostly psd files but not all of them
2.  It is confusing to work with originals and dirivitives
3.  When ever I need to find an image it takes me too long to do it.

I do portrait work and also alot of landscapes.  I need a system that will be able to bring up the images when I need them without looking in each folder.  I have many images on external HD and would like to be able to see the full previews  when the HD is off line.
5  Software Discussions / Media Pro & Expression Media / Peter and others -- Which is better on: September 17, 2008, 11:24:53 AM
I know this question has been asked before but with new additions to software I am asking again.
Which is better for a full dam catalog system - LR2 or Expression Media 2?  I am going to get one of them and would like to do it right the first time. 
I am a portrait photographer and have been shooting Digital for about 7 years now.  I have allot of files and have been using another software program but I am not really happy with it so I want to change.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

6  General / General Discussion / Question Peter on: August 04, 2007, 09:03:18 PM
Hello Peter
I haven't been on this forum for a long time but I have a question for you.  I purchased and read your book and found it very helpful at the time where I was at.  I am wondering if you still are doing things the same way with the same software.  I ask this because I found myself needing  different dam software.  I have used Idimager and acdsee pro 2 but Idimager is way too slow and acdsee doesn't seem to have what is needed.  Any suggestions you could give would be appreciated very much.
Also do you use Lightroom in your workflow now?

Thanks in advance

7  Software Discussions / Lightroom / Lightroom question on: September 22, 2006, 08:04:22 AM
So after reading and looking at lightroom I am still confused as to what lightroom is going to be.  Is it a catalog software with some editing features or an editing program that lets you browse your imagas?

8  Software Discussions / idImager / Re: idImager 3 on: September 20, 2006, 10:51:49 AM
The download location you refer to is the beta-download location.

Download the official Pro-update here:

Then click "download upgrade only"

Hope that helps

Thanks Hert.
9  Software Discussions / idImager / Re: idImager 3 on: September 20, 2006, 10:44:01 AM
Is this an update to build 3.4.0/RC1-S?

Hi David,

3.4RC1 is not an official release, but is the first ReleaseCandidate (RC1). That is the stage the software enters just before it is release.

Install the official over your existing version.

Do I get that version from the same download location or is there a different place?

10  Software Discussions / idImager / Re: idImager 3 on: September 20, 2006, 10:31:13 AM
Today IDimager 3.4 is released for the Professional, Personal and the free Lite Edition.

This new versions is the promissed major quality update but also adds: improved batched metadata entry, full dotted keyword support, and faster embedded preview handling for DNG, CR2, NEF and PEF files (about twice as fast compared to 3.3).


Is this an update to build 3.4.0/RC1-S?
11  Software Discussions / Bridge/ Camera Raw / Re: D200 Camera Raw Preset Recommendations? on: July 19, 2006, 04:36:47 PM
I change the stock preset in this way.  I turn Auto off in Exposure, turn auto off in Brightness and set to 75, and turn Auto contrast off.  I also set Sharpness to 75, but I'm still experimenting with this.

Would someone be willing to tell me how to make these changes in ACR?  I guess I am not understanding it fully.  I also shoot with a d200.
Isn't it best to have no sharpening on the raw and sharpen the image after any work is done in Photoshop?

What about camera defaults?  Any ideas on these settings?

Thanks for your help

12  General / General Discussion / Re: Workflow Questions on: July 19, 2006, 11:11:19 AM
Peter do you make derivatives of every DNG?  TO find a certain image does Iview look at both the raw and derivative folders?  Or do you only want to see the derivates?

13  General / General Discussion / Re: Workflow Questions on: July 19, 2006, 11:08:00 AM
I put my DNGs away as soon as I make them, rather than keeping them around in a working folder.

So when you transfer your raw files to the HD they are NEF or similar correct? Iis the first thing you do with the raw files is make them to DNG?  Then do you del. the raw file?

I put all derivatives in a Derivative Directory structure.  They move from the Working Folder to the DRV folder once a project delivers.
So let's say that you have some wedding images. You make Dng files and also convert them to jpg or tiff to work on?  Then you put away your DNG files and work on the Derivatives.  say you have a file name 2005-10-07_0023.jpg or psd, and you make a bnw copy and a 8x10, 4x5 and maybe a few more versions of that same image.  How do you go about naming it and being able to find it later?

When I outgrow a drive, I buy a new one, and it becomes Original_02. Buckets start here where the old one left off.
Do you leave your outgrown HD running so iview can find the images or does iview tell you which hard drive to start up?

When you have a Derivative or Raw bucket full enough to burn to dvd do you mark the folder name different so you know not to put any additional files in that folder?

Thanks for your quick reply Peter

14  General / General Discussion / Workflow Questions on: July 19, 2006, 08:44:05 AM
Hello everyone

I have used the DAM book to start my cataloging of images and have been using my system for about 4 months now.  I have ran into some questions and hoped that someone here could explain to me what I am doing wrong or maybe a better way of doing thiings.
I use Idimager Pro and Photoshop.  I shoot everything RAW.  Here are my questions.

1.  When copying my CF raw files to my HD they get put into a folder called Master Library\Raw Work Folder.  Each card that I download goes to it's own directory like 2006-07-19.

2.  From there I look at the RAW files in ACR and make any slight corrections.  I then use the DNG converter and imbed the originals.

3.  I del all the Original NEF files

4.  Now here is where my problems start.  Let's say I open up one of the Original DNG files in photoshop and do some editing.  Where do I save the PSD file right then?  Right now I make a new directory Master Ligrary\Raw Work Folder\2006-07-19\PSD and put all my edited files there.

5.  Now it is time to catalog all my files both originals and derivitaves (psd)  I have directories listed like in the DAM book
     Master Library
               Derivative Files
                        DRV_001 and so on
               Original Files
                        RAW_001_060719 and so on
So here is my question.  Once raw_001 folder gets full enough to make a dvd I go on to RAW_002.  The files I am working on  earlier mentioned needs to find a place in either RAW or DRV, how do I know where to put them.
What has been happening is that the Raw work folder is getting bigger and bigger because I don't know when or how to transfer the files to there permenant home.  Which leads me to my next question.

6.  My database is getting so big that it won't fit on one hard drive (250 gig}  I guess I need to get a bigger hd.  What do you guys do?  How do you store your images and what software do you use to do backups etc.

I am sorry for the length of this post but as you can see I am a bit confused.

Thanks for any help given

15  Software Discussions / Bridge/ Camera Raw / Re: Why use bridge? on: January 18, 2006, 06:14:21 PM
I can do everything I need to do to my RAW files in iView except make Camera Raw adjustments.  And since I pretty much always need to make some adjustment, I bring everything through Bridge.

If I got it all perfect in-camera, there would be no real need for Bridge.  You could convert to DNG with the DNG converter.

Peter, another question for you.
If you are using bridge really for the camera raw adjustments then after the adjustments why not go to the dng converter then to iview.  Do all your labeling and keywords there.  The reason I am asking this is because that is the area that I am having the most problems with other programs (idimager) seeing the keywords etc.  If I just made all ratings, labels, etc in the catalog software and only use bridge for the raw adjustments that should work wouldn't it?  Instead of trying to keep two peices of sowtware constantly talk together and stay straight I could use the catalog software for everything.  Tell me if there is a hole in this thought.  I would like your opinion.


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