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1  General / General Discussion / Re: Canon PowerShot G10 DNG Profile issues on: September 16, 2011, 09:19:55 AM
Hi Chris,

Is this still an issue? I've not had any issues creating profiles for my G10. I usually just export to colorchecker from within Lightroom 3 but don't have any exposure issues when creating or using the profile.

Although the G10 is DIGIC 4, the smaller CCD coupled with the high 14.7Mp sensor offsets the capabilities of DIGIC 4 when compared to its performance on a larger CCD where the individual pixels are larger and heat dissipation from the CCD is better.

2  DAM Useful Stuff / DAMuseful Software / Current version of Rank and File Lite and how do I get a copy? on: September 05, 2010, 06:26:32 PM
Hi Peter,

What's the current version of Rank and File Lite and how do I get a copy?

I've been seeing some buggy performance with R+F Lite on Bridge CS5. It reports all the files have been updated but only the first 12 ~ 16 files are actually updates so I have to use it in small chunks which is very frustrating. I checked the version I'm using at in the .jsx file it says: Version 1.1 -- 4/16/06 so I'm wondering if I have the latest version.

My machine failed to install Windows 7 earlier this year so having been around the mill several times with Dell and Microsoft the solution was to reinstall Windows XP SP3. I lost some stuff in the process (but still have my receipt from Alyson). I've searched my correspondence and backups but can't find a different version on my machine. I don't recall having had the problem with Bridge CS4 and somewhere in the back of my mind I thought Alyson had sent me an update but the only update I can find is for RapidFixer.

3  Software Discussions / Bridge/ Camera Raw / Re: IPTC Extensions not in Metadata Panel on: September 03, 2010, 09:01:29 PM
Hi Chris,

Similarly frustrated I found this post on the Adobe Forums:

Basically says displaying the IPTC Extension fields in the metadata panel of Bridge 4.0 (the CS5 version) is not possible at this time. Maybe Adobe will fix it, maybe they won't, so for the time being, the File Info route is the only way to edit these data fields in Bridge.

4  Software Discussions / Bridge/ Camera Raw / Re: Beardsworth's Add on XMP Panels pg 368 - INSTALLATION?? on: September 03, 2010, 08:26:54 PM
Hi John,

I can't get this to work in CS5. I made the edits at the start of the script:

#target bridge-4.0
if ( == "bridge"  && app.version[0] == '4' )

And the script doesn't cause any error when I launch Bridge, but there's no EM2 panel. For files where I have EM2 metadata, I can see the metadata in the 'Raw Data' panel and can see the 'Mediapro' and 'Expressionmedia' schemas in the 'Advanced' panel.

Oh, I'm on Windows XP SP3 and Bridge

Any ideas?

Richard Davis
5  General / Photo Blogs / Richard Davis Photography on: March 27, 2010, 10:13:20 PM
I've just updated my Richard Davis Photography site to a Wordpress blog format. Most posts are images with some backgound commentary on the images.

Richard Davis.
6  DAM Stuff / Backup Strategies and Tools / Blu-ray - 25Gb or 50Gb, write-once or rewritable media on: February 22, 2010, 03:19:28 PM
I'm planning on purchasing a Blu-ray writer later this week for my final-final backups (as opposed to my on-line backups on separate hard drives). Having moved up to 8Gb cards with my EOS 5D mkII I'm wasting serious time burning DVDs at the end of the backup stream.

My questions are:

1) Should I plan on only storing 25Gb per disk or use the double-layer feature to store 50Gb?

2) Should I plan on using write-once or rewritable media - is one shown to have fewer data losses/corruptions over the other?

7  DAM Useful Stuff / DAMuseful Software / Re: RapidFixer and CS4 on: November 08, 2008, 07:56:41 PM
Hi Dan,

See my recent post earlier today but I copied my Rapid Fixer CS3.1 over to the start up scripts of CS4, restarted CS4 to install the scripts and I've found Rapid Fixer CS3.1 continues to work in CS4.

Richard Davis.
8  DAM Useful Stuff / DAMuseful Software / Rapid Fixer CS3.1 also appears to work in Bridge CS4!!! on: November 08, 2008, 07:53:53 PM

Following on from my earlier post abut using Rank and File Lite for CS3 successfully with CS4, I can now report that I have found Rapid Fixer CS3.1 to function in Bridge CS4 also!  I guess this would be expected since the only new controls in Camera Raw 5.1 appear to be the post crop vignette controls.

The only wierdness I see is that the Drop Down boxes for White Balance and Split Tone appear not to be populated but when scrolling over the apparently empty boxes the options become visible and are selectable and applyable - it's as though the text is white against a white background.

I'm trying to figure out how to fit Lightroom 2.1 into my workflow but my old computer appears stressed when running Lightroom 2,1 so it's comforting to know I can use RapidFixer and my CS3 workflow in CS4 until such time as I can scrape together enough cash for a new computer.

Richard Davis
9  DAM Useful Stuff / DAMuseful Software / Rank and File Lite for CS3 works in CS4 also!!!! - updated on: November 08, 2008, 03:16:28 PM

I haven't seen much discussion here on the DAM Useful Software and Bridge CS4 but for anyone who was using the Rank and File Lite script with CS3, just copy that script into the startup scripts of Bridge CS4, restart (if you're using Windows make sure to fully exit from the system tray also) and you'll be asked if you want to use the Rank and File Script when you next start Bridge CS4.  Say 'yes'.  The Rank and File Lite script works in CS4 just as it did in CS3 for embedding labels and ratings and, once installed, can be found at the bottom of the 'Label' menu.  It also appears to me to work way faster in CS4 than it did in CS3 on dng files.

I've also tested the reverse usage to restore labels and ratings and find that works as expected also.

Richard Davis.
10  Software Discussions / Media Pro & Expression Media / Re: How can I get my file info data into the images when I create a web gallery? on: August 05, 2008, 09:51:34 AM
Thanks John!

I did indeed have the "Embed Annotations" unchecked, even though the EXIF/GPS was checked.  Checking that option on the settings panel appears to embed everything but the copyright status.

On the Photoshop CS3 save for web and devices dialog when you finally get to the "Save Optimized As" dialog there is a settings drop-down that includes the option "other".  If you select "other" then you can select an option to include the XMP in the optimized image.  So the CS3 Save for Web and Devices default does strip out the file info but you can create and save a setting that will include the XMP data if you want (and why would you want to post an image without embedding that ownership info which is why I asked my question in the first place when I found out that I wasn't embedding my ownership in my images on the web).

So I now need to spend a little time re-generating my galleries.

Thanks for the prompt answer, I really appreaciate it.

11  Software Discussions / Media Pro & Expression Media / How can I get my file info data into the images when I create a web gallery? on: August 05, 2008, 09:04:06 AM
I don't know why I didn't check before, but I found a JPEG image on-line today, saved it to my hard drive, opened it in photoshop and found no file info data.  So I went to my web galleries that I have created using iView 3.12 through Expression 2, pulled some of those JPEGs to my computer and found that they also have no file info data embedded in them.  Although I have a watermark on my images, it's up in one corner and in many can be cropped out.  I'm surprised to find that the file info data in the original DNG is not being copied into the JPEG when iView/Expression creates an HTML gallery.  Perhaps it's becuase the web gallery is using the embedded preview JPEG from the DNG?

Is this normal?

How can I get my file info data into the images when I create a web gallery using Expression 2?  Do I need to use Photoshop to first make the JPEGs from the DNGs then use Expression to make a gallery from those JPEGs rather than directly from the DNGs?  If so, this is rather annoying! 

I looked at some other images I posted on blogs where I've used the Photoshop CS3 "save for web and devices" option and these images have the copyright status, notice and URL info embedded in them, but none of the other file info data so if I've renamed an image I can't see the original filename which ImageIngester places in the Title field.

Am I missing some preference set-up or something or is this normal?

12  General / General Discussion / Re: numbering & content of originals buckets on: June 30, 2008, 09:31:36 PM
Hi Sossity,

I personally think the bucket numbering only makes sense if you're making archives on optical media.  Tim Grey recently addressed the issues with long term archival storage on optical media in his DDQ letter of June 24 which I copy below.  If you are archiving to redundant hard drives that you can remove and place in safe storage as Peter describes, then the need for breaking down the buckets diminshes somewhat depending upon the power of the DAM solution you use as Dan has commented.  Since I currently do use DVDs for archive purposes, I do use the 999 bucket numbering that Peter suggests but further split by RAW, JPG and AVI since I also use a point-and-shoot on occasion.  I burn my DVDs as soon as I have a DVD's worth of image data, keeping muptliple copies on distributed hard drives until then.  For my derivative files, I had a DRV bucket also with the 999 numbering but since my derivatives are order based not time-sequence based, I need my DAM software (XMedia 2) to locate these.  But, given the ever falling cost of external hard drives I'm planning to move away from burning DVDs before the end of the year and just go to multiple hard drive archives and at that time I'll drop the DVD sized bucket going forward and use a bucket based on other criteria.

Digital Darkroom Questions (DDQ)
June 24, 2008
by Tim Grey



I have thousands of high resolution photos archived in CD's and DVD's (in addition to archiving in external hard drives). Of more than 300 CD's and DVD's I have found that there are about 10-15 in which the files have been damaged or corrupted (in spite of the fact that I store them in a proper environment). I have two questions: 1) can you suggest software that I could use to try to recover these files, and, most important; 2) in your opinion, what is the best media (CD and DVD) that is currently out there for archival purposes? I remember when CD and DVD media started coming out that it was said that it would last for a hundred years, well, we have learned that is not the case. So, what is currently the best in terms of long life archival characteristics?


As I've said many times, when comparing the longevity ratings of various optical media (CDs and DVDs) I really thought of the ratings as only providing a relative indication of the quality of the discs, not of the longevity you should actually expect from the discs. I've seen a great many optical discs fail (both CD and DVD) to the point that I simply don't trust them for archival storage. There are certainly issues with hard drive storage, but in my mind maintaining a library on redundant hard drives is far more reliable than the use of optical media. So, while I might recommend media such as the Verbatim DataLifePlus line of products, I really recommend avoiding optical media for long-term archival storage.

As for recovering data from your optical media, there's a good chance you'll be able to recover a significant portion of the data stored on a given disc. Often a single error results in the entire disc being considered unreadable by your operating system, when it is still possible to salvage data. There are a variety of tools available for recovering data from your optical media, but one I've had some success with is BadCopy Pro from Jufsoft. You can get more details and download a free trial version here:


13  Software Discussions / Bridge/ Camera Raw / Re: Content and preview windows showing different images on: May 10, 2008, 07:56:57 AM
Thanks Cannon.

I do have high quality previews turned on.  I did a CTRL+alt+Shift on starting Bridge to purge the cache, purged the cache from the preferences and deleted the cache in the folder and rebooted but still had the issue.  I noticed that I didn't have to wait for the thimbnails to regenerate so either the cache wasn't fully purged or I'm wondering if a performance utility has stashed another cache somewhere else.

As an IIpro user I went back to the drop folder copy made when I downloaded the card and I didn't have the problem with that image set so I made another copy of those files, deleted the problem files and, at present, I don't have the issue any more.

thanks again for responding,

14  Software Discussions / Bridge/ Camera Raw / Content and preview windows showing different images on: May 09, 2008, 08:42:51 PM
Has anyone else seen this one?

I'm running Bridge CS3 on Windows XP SP2.  My local hard drive ran out of space so I trawled around and located two very large cache files, one for Bridge and one for Camera Raw, even though my settings are to distribute the cache.  I followed Adobe's directions and purged these caches, recovering over 20Gb of hard drive space.

Now I'm processing some images I took during the week and for one set, for several images in the set, when I highlight an image in the content pane I get a completely different and unrelated image taken over a year ago in the preview pane.  When I open the image up in Camera Raw, I get the image from the content pane.

I'm trying to figure out how these images have become cross linked in Bridge between the content and preview panes - and also how to correct this - it's difficult to rate an image when the preview is from an image completely unrelated to the corrresponding thumbnail.

15  Software Discussions / iView MediaPro / Re: Iview MediaPro stopped working - ~ error on: February 17, 2008, 09:28:14 PM
This sounds very similar to issues reported elsewhere caused by Quicktime 7.4.  Some user report success in rolling back to QuickTime version 7.3 or earlier.  The earlierst version I could find on the Apple website was QuickTime 7.3.1 and this has only partially resolved the issues for me - I no longer get the truncated windows 8.3 filename but my catalog folder sort order is based on the underlying windows 8.3 folder naming and not the longer folder names.

Take a look at some of the other recent posts in the iView and Expression Media discussions and you'll see others with similar issues.

Try to roll back the QuickTime version and recreate your catalog.

Richard Davis
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