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1  DAM Stuff / Backup Strategies and Tools / Back up advice on: January 16, 2011, 05:47:25 PM
With a new Mac Pro (early 09 quad), CS5 and LR3, I'm revisiting, well, everything. I have System and Applications, including LR catalog but not image files, on 640 gb internal, and am starting a new LR catalog from scratch. Once set-up, I will start ingesting new files and migrate old files from old catalog as needed, using this point as bright line for new catalog. Old stuff is backed up.

I have external GRAID 2T (striped 0, e-sata connection via extender cable) planned for primary working files + archive. Set up with Image Ingester and file structure. I plan to use internal 2T for backup of working and archive. I would like to know if GRAID e-sata connection can be used for bootable clone. CCC seems to indicate not and Chronosync does not indicate a problem (is moot on the point.) Would e-sata be possible with Chronosync?

I will have to format GRAID for GUID as it is set for Apple Partition Map. It seems it could be partitioned in CCC with files already on the drive but I'm not sure if this is the case with Chronosync or whether I should actually create a separate partition for the bootable backup. Any thoughts re pros/cons of partition vs folders? One concern is setting the size for the bootable, which could grow a lot as previews in the catalog pile up, ie making it large enough (640) with out taking more space from image files than necessary. Bestflow seems to indicate folders fine, for working and archive anyway, but perhap for bootable it is better to partition?

Last, if all three drives are set for Journaled will there be much performance hit for LR + CS5 (12 gb ram, no movies yet)?

Eventually, if this is all set up properly, I would use additional swapper file backup too.

The slightly odd configuration of primary files on external and backup on internal + swappers - can this work?

I have been pouring over DAM 2 book and bestflow. Advice greatly appreciated!

2  DAM Stuff / Hardware Discussions / Re: new drives / smart reporting on: March 11, 2010, 05:21:36 PM
Thanks, Bob. I definitely would have been looking at Seagate until hearing of recent fracas detailed herein. Maybe that bump is straightened out now, who knows?

I'll have to explore dock thing, not familiar. Sounds like you've got rotation down. As for unknown drives in enclosures - you're probably right. Too inexpensive and you could pay.
3  DAM Stuff / Hardware Discussions / new drives / smart reporting on: March 10, 2010, 03:29:17 PM

I'm trying to make best choice for purchase of pair of drives, pouring over forum, bestflow website and 2nd Dam Book, interested in smart reporting, if possible with aging macbookpro. Based on PK suggestion, looking at Hitachi, probably 1T, possibly 2T if deemed reliable(?), essentially to do this bestflow website configuration:

(2006 15" MacBook) laptop with primary archive / working files backup in one drive + swappable (offsite)

Options I'm puzzling over include:

2T Hitachi bundled with diy ezquest enclosure ($225. ea):

this one says "EZQuest IDE/ATA to SATA Adapter" so thinking it could be laptop compatible, but Oxford 922, not 924

Any thoughts or other suggestions?


OWC Mercury Elite Pro "Classic" 1.0TB package enclosure + drive, ($188. ea):

(esata not compatible with MacBookPro but I want to plan for later Mac refurb - would this be good choice for desktop?)

Would either of these enable smart reporting (with smart reporter?) Is hardware (esata connection) needed to make that happen?

Hitachi offers bare 2T Deskstar ($179) with 3 yr. warranty or Ultrastar ($339) (enterprise) with 5 yr warranty - is Ultra way to go or overkill? 1T Deskstar $89, 1T Ultra sold out.

Suggestions for best bluray burner also would be groovy.

In over my head, doin the best I can with what I have.

Much appreciation to PK for Workflow presentation last night and ongoing efforts.

Advance appreciation if anyone tries to wrap their head around this. Barbara Southworth
4  General / DAM Workshops / Re: Workshops? on: September 20, 2007, 12:45:07 PM
Yes, I'd like to chime in on interest in Kensington or ASMP workshop update integrating Lightroom and Image Ingestor, hopefully by first week November latest.
5  General / DAM Workshops / Re: April 24 & 25 in Peter's Kensington Studio on: March 23, 2007, 03:47:48 PM
In case anyone  wonders how worthwhile the workshops are, I’d say there’s really no substitute for two well organized days of brilliant instruction from Peter in his studio. The steps become doable. If you have questions about putting the pieces together, your questions, and many more you hadn't thought to ask, will be answered - concisely and completely.

6  DAM Stuff / Hardware Discussions / Re: Bootstrapping with 15" MacBook Pro - advice appreciated on: March 02, 2007, 07:51:45 AM
Thanks, Mannix, for the long, thoughtful reply. I liked knowing someone else has laptop as sole imaging machine.

I kind of figured the questions I posed were probably too basic, jejune and so inappropriate for this forum of elite professionals, plus I'm new to forums of this nature and not certain of ettiquette. And yet, there does seem to be a huge need for DAM among those shooting far less than 50k images/yr, even arts oriented types.

There is much to ponder in what you suggested and I'll be reading it several times to get it all. But first, in terms of "live pipeline rendering" (or perhaps "live rendering pipeline") that's not to do with hardware, but just refers to the newer paradigm for handling data - retaining underlying data with the ability to "fix" a particular rendering as needed, without "pushing pixels" (photoshop) until the last polishing steps (maybe some sizing, local correction, sharpening, say) if at all. Each new rendering - for print, web, whatever, is built (primarily or almost totally) non-destructively in Raw, Lightroom before being "fixed" as jpg, tif. Or so that is my understanding. Don't quote me.

In talking to "Computer Guy" about the idea that the external, bootable drive will be faster than the laptop drive - as you also mentioned, it seems that maybe it will be possible, desireable to use it for image processing, though truth be told CS2 on intel chip is not as sluggish as I had feared it might be and I expect to CS3 to move better unless further "bloat" cancels out native running. Anyway.

As for your first question, I meant the second set of choices - putting virgin backup on external going in, working on second set on laptop, and then archive post production on external, but I'll have to spend more time figuring out if a variation of your other interpretation is better - maybe minus partition. Gee, does that mean, the application can be on the laptop and it can work on files on external for speed? Really? All new to me. Maybe that's the way to go.

One question, I have for you, is what is the value of partitioning? I understand that means a hard allocation of space. Peter seemed to think that folders were OK instead. That way the space to one or the other thing is flexible not fixed. But I'd like to understand the reason for using this option.

Yes, I've learned from you, Computer Guy (CG), and elsewhere on forum that reformatting will be necessary. Thanks, it helps to have convergence of info.My laptop only seems to have FW 400 - your comments about relative 400/800 interesting.

CG suggests for most bang for buck don't use laptop drive, consider two smaller capacity full size externals. Since I posted originally I'm inclining to go with bare external and Mercury Elite box as Peter and CG suggest. Even though ready to wear 750 Seagate is "only" $300. it only has 1 yr. warrenty compared with 5 yr. for bare - also elsewhere discussed on forum. CG thinks one 3.5" external could go on road, one stay at home since they have better performance than laptop - but there's the matter of a small, sleek laptop drive slipping into the teenytiny laptop bag. Since I don't have any budget to speak of anyway, I may be tempted by laptop. Boy, forgive rambling, thinking out loud. Don't know if this could possibly be of value to anyone, never know. Your comments about smaller, separate drives to start also line up with CG's suggestion.  

I totally appreciate you taking my plight so seriously and spending your time to share your thoughts. In reading your final recap, with various possible options, the picture and choices are starting to seem a little clearer, more real. I'm still mulling it all but must make moves in next few days.

Another subject. Interesting that you use Elements, as I gather, others on forum do. I see you're in MD. If you would like a book on Elements 4 or 5 I could send or give you - I have various (mostly 5).


7  DAM Stuff / Hardware Discussions / Bootstrapping with 15" MacBook Pro - advice appreciated on: February 27, 2007, 02:03:33 PM
Greetings to the Forum,

I just attended 2 brilliant days of DAM workshop at PK studio, which I couldn't recommend more highly. As a new convert, my favorite word is live pipeline rendering.
I need to wade in and put something together on a shoestring. MacBook is my working machine - that's just the way it is. Overall grasp of DAM about as spare budget.

Thinking to use Image Ingester with 750 g Seagate External Hard drive for virgin backup and post production archive . (Some backup better than none - augmented with DVD archive).

Would this hard drive be compatible with laptop, connect with a firewire cable - purchased separarely? Should hard drive be reformatted before use? Could it be daisy-chained with 160 g laptop hard drive - unidentified so far - for use as working back-up + on the road drive)?

Could these be used like this for two backups at ingestion? keeping 750 g as raw archive and also archive drive, while using the smaller drive to backup working as I go? I think the cost of two hard drives - large and small - plus 16 DVD's in a notebook (70g to start) would be around $500.  Essentially, I'm looking for the barest of bare bones starter DAM for the masses.

If the forum will suffer a fool, I'd be grateful for comments.


8  DAM Stuff / Hardware Discussions / Re: Need advice on a new configuration!! on: February 27, 2007, 12:03:19 PM
It seems that Best Buy might have responded to demand (or window shopping) by raising price to $419 but New Egg (via price grabber) has same model number for about $300.

I also like MBS (they fixed two of my computers this week - one under warranty, one not).  They *do* tend toward steering you to the higher-end solutions.

You could probably back off the processor speed if money is an issue.  

G Tech makes nice stuff, but I'm not sure that the RAID is necessary, depending on the price. If you need an external drive for backup, then Seagate 750 GB externals are on sale at Best Buy for $350.  I'd also make sure to have a good bit of internal storage in the MacPro.

You can work with MBS to get the system right.  I suggest that it is important for digital photographers to have a local resource for sales, service and advice, and MBS does know Macs and Photography.
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