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1  Software Discussions / Aperture / Re: migrating iView "people" fields to Aperture 3 on: May 30, 2010, 10:11:38 AM
Hello Chris,

Maybe I can give you some help.

Like you I also did a strong use of People field in iView Media Pro tagging every person of my family in every picture so I can select all the pictures of one person in seconds (it was my rough Face function).

Then I migrate to Expression Media 1 and then I bought Aperture 2.1 to edit all my pictures in a Parametric Image Editing way.
Ultimately I upgraded to Aperture 3 and my workflow is still Expression Media 1 for ingestion and metadata application and then Aperture 3 for editing.

So I can tell you for sure that you can find the content of People field filled in Media Expression in the Contact field (IPTC-Legacy-Contact) in Aperture 2.1 and Aperture 3.

Instead with Face function seems that you don't have any field associated with names so at the moment I can't match my tagged people with Face function (or at least these are my results experimenting with Aperture 3).

Hope this can help you.

2  DAM Stuff / DNG / Re: ~RAW=DNG not ~DNG (Why?) on: September 04, 2009, 02:16:57 PM

I tested as you suggested and with sidecar I got all the data into DNG after NEF-DNG conversion (tested with EM).

Doing some other tests with Aperture I definitely found out that Aperture reads properly metadata in NEF files, all fields included Contact (People to EM), ISO Country Code (but strangely labels this field Expiration Time), and so on, all but rating (it doesn't like this field, unfortunately).

Not the same for DNG files read from Aperture which show a lot of fields missing nevertheless were generated using sidecars.

So, to sum up:

NEF -> Sync Export -> DNG = Only a subset of metadata -> TO AVOID
NEF + SIDECAR -> DNG = OK, all metadata present        -> RIGHT CONVERSION

NEF metadata: OK
DNG from NEF + SIDECAR: Only a subset

So nevertheless Aperture reads DNG file format it doesn't properly manage associated metadata at the moment.

I have to stay with NEF files in my workflow for now, also for other reasons which I'll face in other posts.

Thank you Peter.


3  DAM Stuff / DNG / Re: ~RAW=DNG not ~DNG (Why?) on: September 04, 2009, 09:39:11 AM
Thank you Peter for your reply.

I'll try to give further information about the issues experienced.

I'm not using sidecar with EM but making a Sync export to NEF files and importing them in another EM catalog I found again all the mentioned information: ratings, ISO Country Code, and People (catalog matching too!).
So, from this result we can infer that EM has written all this information in the NEF file properly, can't we?
I have another proof for this theory, I get quite the same result processing NEF files with DxO (quite because DxO drops me rating field).

Last, this is not a backup file, I'd like to import DNG file in Aperture and using this file as "master" file applying all PIE processing prior to export as derivative file (when necessary).
So it would be better to have all metadata information properly archived in the DNG file.

With generating xmp sidecar files are you suggesting that Adobe DNG Converter can read properly all the metadata from them during NEF->DNG conversion? (I can check it out)

4  DAM Stuff / DNG / Re: ~RAW=DNG not ~DNG (Why?) on: September 04, 2009, 05:59:30 AM
Hello to everyone,

Given the subject I'd like to submit some metadata conversion errors from NEF to DNG that I noted using Adobe DNG converter.

Generally I import my images using EM, make rating, metadata adding, keywording and then Sync export to files.

Then I tried to convert my NEF files to DNG in prospect to use this format as original file as Peter suggests in his books (read deeply both ones).

But when I imported DNG files with EM or Aperture I found three fields missing (of the set I use):

- Rating:     the number of stars I assigned
- ISO Country Code:   IT, UK, ecc.    (this is very strange)
- Contact (People field in EM):     John Wayne, Sharon Stone, ecc.   (I use this field in EM to match pictures with persons in it)

The issues above prevent me to use in my workflow to add metadata to RAW (NEF) files as first step and then convert to DNG (I decided to keep my NEF files nevertheless I'm trying to use DNG as "base" files, and I'd like to have metadata synced between them, at the beginning at least).

Have anyone noted the issues above?



24" iMac 3.06 GHz 4 GB RAM 1 TB HD - EM1, Aperture.
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