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1  Software Discussions / Bridge/ Camera Raw / Re: Photo Downloader on: June 16, 2011, 08:43:02 PM
For what it's worth, I spend 45 minutes on the phone with an Adobe tech this morning, and he insisted that it was "normal behavior" for the Photo Downloader to "forget" settings with each download.

Problem solved, however. I just use Bridge CS4's photo downloader for ingestion, then switch to CS5 for processing.

2  Software Discussions / Bridge/ Camera Raw / Photo Downloader on: June 13, 2011, 01:31:39 AM
I just bought a new PC that runs Windows 7. I am using Bridge and PS CS5.1. The photo downloader in Bridge will not "remember" my settings from one ingestion to the next. I used CS5 under Vista and XP without this problem. Any ideas? Thanks ...

Bill Rogers, Johnstown, PA
3  Software Discussions / Media Pro & Expression Media / Web Galleries on: February 13, 2009, 11:30:44 AM
I wonder if anyone has experienced or solved this workflow issue relating to non-HTML web galleries.

I have been using EM2 (SP1) to generate HTML web galleries, then uploading them to my website. I want to begin using flash-based web galleries to reduce the ability of people to right-click on a photo and download it.

Jalbum with FotoPlayer skins is my choice of web gallery software. However, this will place an extra step into my workflow. I assign a unique keyword to photo files that are intended for a web gallery. As I see it, I'll have to export these files to a temporary holding folder, then generate the web gallery from the files in this folder.

Has anyone come up with a better way?


Bill Rogers
4  Software Discussions / iView MediaPro / Re: Is Microsoft marketing both EM and iView? on: March 11, 2008, 07:30:20 PM
Thanks for the response. I'm coming to similar conclusions on my own. I don't like Lightroom's weird file handling scheme, and I don't want to modify my workflow to fit the LR model. I downloaded iMatch and found a non-intuitive GUI. 


Bill Rogers
5  Software Discussions / iView MediaPro / Is Microsoft marketing both EM and iView? on: March 11, 2008, 06:27:51 AM
I'm DAM confused. Looking at the websites, it appears that Microsoft is marketing both iView Multimedia AND Expression Media. Is this true?

Iview is stiil not running smoothly on my new Vista machine. I tried Lightroom but it's too complex for my needs.  I'm not sure what to do. I have ZERO confidence in Microsoft's commitment to DAM software.

What other DAM software is out there besides LR and "iView/EM"?

I don't want to make DAM software the center of my world. I want to go out and take pictures, then be able to find them in my computer. I don't want to spend my shooting time trying to de-bug and learn DAM software. I'm sure I'm not the only photographer who feels this way.

Suggestions? Please ....

Bill Rogers
6  Software Discussions / iView MediaPro / Re: Problems with iView on new computer on: March 09, 2008, 07:50:22 PM
Yes. I uninstalled Quicktime 7.4.1 and installed 7.3.1. This took care of the truncated folder names, and I can now see DNG thumbnails. I still cannot view PSD thumbnails but I'll continue to work on the problem. THANK YOU, PETER. You are a gentleman and a scholar, as my father used to say. 

Bill Rogers
7  Software Discussions / iView MediaPro / Re: Problems with iView on new computer on: March 09, 2008, 06:51:48 PM
Thank you, Peter. I will reload QuickTime and investigate.  -- Bill
8  Software Discussions / iView MediaPro / Problems with iView on new computer on: March 09, 2008, 05:24:44 PM
My PC died yesterday, so I splurged and bought a new PC which happens to run Windows Vista. I don't know if these problems are related to Vista, or if they are independent of the platform. I went to the iView website and downloaded iView into the new PC. Here are my questions:

1) When I import folders into iView, the folder names are being truncated (shortened) in the Catalog Folders viewing pane. For instance, the folder named Ed_07_1231 appears as ED_07_~2.  Ed_07_0630 is shown as ED_07~1.
Why is this occurring? Is it because of Vista, or is this a change that Microsoft made to iView? Can it be changed?

2) iView is not displaying thumbnails for PSD and DNG files. All I see is the standard Microsoft icon. I've read that Microsoft has not yet released a WIC Codec that will allow Vista to display PSD and DNG thumbnails. (I have no idea what a "WIC Codec" is.) What's the reason that  I cannot see these thumbnails, and what can I do about it?

3) Why am I still able to download iView? I would have thought that Microsoft would terminate iView downloading after Expression Media was released. Has Microsoft made changes to the current iView download?

4) I'm pretty disgusted with the way Microsoft has mishandled the iView takeover. I'm considering switching to Lightroom for DAM. Any advice one way or the other will be appreciated.

Thanks! -- Bill Rogers, Johnstown, PA
9  Software Discussions / Media Pro & Expression Media / Re: Em and iview both crashing on: September 10, 2007, 11:50:14 AM
THANKS! After spending a frustrating, unproductive hour on the Microsoft Expression Media site, I found the answer in five minutes on The DAM Forum. Another black eye to Microsoft. This has to be a VERY common problem, but they couldn't just put it at the top of their Knowledge Base. Oh, no. You gotta wait three days for an individual response from some guy in India. And Microsoft does not have a KB for EM, do they?

History: I was having problems with Bridge CS3 crashing, and the Adobe KB recommended installing the newest video driver, which I downloaded from nVidia. Then I began to have problems with iView and EM, so I downloaded the latest version of Quicktime, thinking that a Quicktime file could have become corrupted. Then I really began to have problems. Everything seems to be OK now that I changed the Quicktime video to "safe mode" as per Susan's post, even though I'm still using the new video driver.

Thanks again, Susan, you've saved a lot of us a lot of time. ;-)

Bill Rogers
near Johnstown, PA
10  Software Discussions / Media Pro & Expression Media / Expression Media Problems on: June 05, 2007, 04:52:46 AM
I do not know if others have experienced these problems.

1. The search box in the upper right corner of the screen causes the program to crash. Whenever I attempt to search, I get a dialog box that says "Expression Media has encountered a problem and must close."

2. Microsoft has changed the "HTML Gallery" function. I use the "Pola Frame" style to create a slide show for my website. With ExMedia, longer filenames (my image filenames are 11 characters long) are being changed, and a tilde (~) character is inserted. My website provider (Yahoo) will not accept a tilde in a filename.

I will continue to use iView until Microsoft issues an update to ExMedia, then check again to see if the problems have been fixed.

Microsoft has managed to pull defeat from the jaws of victory! Way to go.

Bill Rogers
Sidman, PA
11  General / General Discussion / Microsoft Windows Defender on: February 27, 2006, 11:52:21 PM
I'm just passing this along for what it's worth. For close to a year, I have used Microsoft Windows Anti-Spyware Beta and found it to be a satisfactory product. But recently Microsoft replaced this software with a product called Microsoft Windows Defender. When I downloaded and installed Defender, I found that it would not allow me to download anything from the internet. A download would be progressing OK, and then just quit - the dialog box for download would just disappear instead of saying "Download Successful."

I uninstalled Windows Defender, installed Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE, and everything works OK again.

I'm not on anyone's payroll - in the tradition of the internet, I'm just reporting my experience FWIW.

Bill Rogers
12  DAM Stuff / Hardware Discussions / Re: DVD Selection and Storage on: February 18, 2006, 04:03:14 AM
Thanks, Peter.
13  DAM Stuff / Hardware Discussions / DVD Selection and Storage on: February 17, 2006, 02:14:53 AM
I have two questions about DVDs.

1) Has anyone reached a conclusion about which DVD media are the best "bet" for longevity? (I use the word "bet" because nobody will know for sure until many years from now.)

On p. 112 of The DAM Book, Peter says to stick to name brand DVDs. But according to this website, the brand name is no guarantee of quality.    This is because the name brand companies buy from suppliers that may produce poor quality media. Memorex appears to be a good example - we've all seen the stacks of cheap Memorex DVDs at Circuit City and Staples. According to this website, some Memorex DVDs may be manufactured by CMC Magnetics, which manufactures low-quality media.

For now, I've been buying Maxell as they are locally available. TDK seems to be a good bet, and many people seem to think that Taiyo Yuden is the best way to go.

Has anyone come up with a solution to this dilemma?

2) Similarly, I wonder about DVD storage. We all seem to agree that the cheap paper & plastic sleeves aren't a good idea. Similarly, there seems to be broad agreement that any storage system that causes the DVD to be flexed on removal may cause premature failure. This rules out the so-called jewel boxes used for selling music CDs.

The plastic sleeves shown on p. 112 of Peter's book are probably a good solution, but again, I think that price and brand name are no guarantee that these sleeves will be acid-free and archival. I wonder if anyone has come across a better idea.

I'm probably being too anal. I suspect that in 10 years DVDs may be as extinct as 8-track cartridges, tape cassettes, and Betamax VCRs. But I do think that it's important to maintain off-line storage, especially out here in the country where overhead power lines have been known to take direct lightning hits.

Bill Rogers
14  Software Discussions / Bridge/ Camera Raw / Re: Filename extensions not being displayed in Bridge on: February 17, 2006, 01:35:25 AM
That's the answer! Thanks to all.  -- Bill
15  Software Discussions / Bridge/ Camera Raw / Filename extensions not being displayed in Bridge on: February 14, 2006, 10:22:49 AM
I just bought a new PC!  Grin    But I have a very minor problem.  Sad

In Bridge, on my old PC, below each thumbnail, the filename is displayed with the extension, thus: FILENAME.EXT.

On my new PC, it just shows FILENAME but not EXT.

I just went through every preference, with the old and new displays side-by-side, and Peter's book on my lap. I'm stumped.  Cry

I hope I'm missing something obvious  (again ....)

Thanks!  -- Bill Rogers
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