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Title: Announcement release Media Pro 1.0.1
Post by: Roelof on July 08, 2011, 08:05:39 AM
Two hours ago i received a mail with this announcement:

We are pleased to announce the release of Media Pro 1.0.1, a service release which addresses the most common bugs and issues experienced by customers.

The release includes the following fixes:
- Fixed stability issues including crash when working with large JPEGs in Slideshow and on the Light Table.
- Fixed Renderings bugs, including no full resolution TIFFs on Mac and missing PDF thumbnails on Windows XP.
- Fixed a issue where a catalog upgraded from Expression Media 2 could not be saved.
- Fixed a bug causing XMP sidecars not to be moved with the media files to which they belong.
- Fixed importer issues
- Fix a bug on Windows where sorting would not work.
- Fixed readability issues caused by new UI color scheme.
- Fixed a bug preventing XML data files to be created on Windows.
- Fixed some EIP color management/rendering issues on Mac.
- Fixed license issue on Windows appearing when Internet connection was lost.

So, the testing can be continued..

Title: Re: Announcement release Media Pro 1.0.1
Post by: GordonRD on September 11, 2011, 04:06:48 AM
Nikonians is offering a 30% savings on the price of Phase One's Media Pro 1 up to 12Sep2011.  I just finished reading "The DAM Book: Second Edition".  I also have read hours of postings on this forum about issues faced by users of the new release of this product, as well as previous versions.  Many users, including Peter Krogh, continue to recommend Expression Media for its ability to find lost files and general cataloging strengths, but I found no current comments by him or others that seemed like a recommendation of the current product.  I recently purchased Lightroom 3 to use for regular photo adjustments (lighting, sharpness, copyright stamping, etc).  Should I take a chance on buying Media Pro 1 now for my cataloging or should I forget about the 30% savings and stick with Lightroom 3?  I would very much appreciate some advice from folks who have experience with these products before the offer runs out tomorrow.  Thx.


Title: Re: Announcement release Media Pro 1.0.1
Post by: Roelof on September 11, 2011, 05:15:13 AM
In de second edtition of his DAM book Peter described also some scenario's with different DAM applications like Lightroom and Expression Media. Do you recognize your own situation in one of them?

My own opinion is to stay with Lightroom now you purchased it. Your workflow will be easier than when you use different applications and i'm confinced thad you can expect more from Adobe than from Phase One in the future.

Title: Re: Announcement release Media Pro 1.0.1
Post by: GordonRD on September 11, 2011, 11:57:32 AM
In the Second Edition of Peter's book, he discusses "Choosing Your Software".  I value his concern about being able to move the data forward through various generations of software ("serial monogamy").  I always shoot both NEF and JPG to maximize quality and allow for reviewing on any PC whether it has a NEF viewer installed or not (e.g. photography store computers).  I accept his suggestion about converting raw files to DNG to provide better control over sidecar files and improving longevity and compatibility between applications.  I am also beginning to create digital audio recordings and music files and would find it helpful to keep track of them in the same tool as I use for still photos and videos.  Both Lightroom and Media Pro can pass editing off to Photoshop CS5, which will arrive here in a few days.  Media Pro is better at verifying if files have been moved.  I do not know how effective either Media Pro 1 or Lightroom 3 is at allowing me to work on editing a shoot of images on my laptop when temporarily away from my main tower workstation.

I currently have ~250GB of multimedia data on my hard drives, and purchased my first digital camera in early 2007 (i.e. creating ~50GB per yr.).  If each image uses ~15MB for its associated RAW and edited JPG file, that comes to ~17K images.  Until I perform the initial catalog and remove possible duplicates, this is a broad estimate.  I would like to avoid building my cataloging foundation on a product that will bog down due to volume in a few years.  That will require learning a new product and converting the data when there is a lot more content to mess up.  Thanks for helping out.  Do you know how to also reach anyone who has actually been down this path with the current versions of these applications?


Title: Re: Announcement release Media Pro 1.0.1
Post by: peterkrogh on September 11, 2011, 02:12:08 PM
I have found that I am doing more of my photo management with Lightroom, but doing the multimedia management with Media Pro.  I recently went back to some video footage that was not well ingested (lots of duplication, bad file naming, need to run Dualeyes, etc) and found that Media Pro was absolutely essential. And keeping track of long-archived images is still much faster and easier with Media Pro.

I see that you say you need to sort some stuff out - duplicates.  This is much easier with Media Pro.  If you are doing multimedia, then I'd suggest that Media Pro would be worth owning, if budget allows, even if you may do most of your photo management with Lightroom.

Sorry I can't be more specific, but without knowing your capability, budget, workflow etc, it's hard to say.

Title: Re: Announcement release Media Pro 1.0.1
Post by: GordonRD on September 11, 2011, 04:44:12 PM
Peter, many thanks for the quick response to my query.  I was sold on your approach after reading the arguments in your book on using Lightroom 3 to do regular photo editing (with Photoshop CS5, at $300 a real steal, for very detailed work) and [Expression Media] Media Pro 1 at $140 to catalog because of the capabilities that you mention above.  My only concern was the stream of problems that users have posted on the Phase One and DAM forums, and deciding if the current version of Media Pro had overcome enough of these difficulties to fulfill its promise without needing to pay for the services of a shrink to struggle on until any significant bugs are resolved.  I can afford the cost of purchasing Media Pro 1 and some new external disks for backup, so budget isn't a problem.

My work flow is super simple:

(a)  Upload the NEF & large JPG pairs from the card into an "...\EDIT\yyyymmdd_where_who_what\Originals" folder on a 250GB Multimedia internal drive using ACDSee 2.5 (don't like some of the functions dropped by 3.0).
(b)  Use the JPGs to quickly scan thru the shoot, selecting keepers.
(c)  Copy the NEFs to an "...\EDIT\...\Edited" folder, and edit the selected 10MB NEFs into 5MB JPGs with ACDSee 2.5.  This is where the whole process really gets bogged down (up to 5min/ shot to adjust lighting, sharpness and stamp the photo with my name).
(d)  Delete (to the recycle bin) the NEFs in the Edited folder and the JPGs and crappy NEFs from the Originals folder.
(e)  Move the "...\yyyymmdd..." folder to a hierarchical category-based sub-folder on the Multimedia drive.
(f)  Use Windows Explorer to back up all data files on the system "weekly" to a Raid-1 LaCie 2TB disk which gets swapped off-site with a 1.5TB disk.

This provides only two copies of files until the weekly backup is done (provided that I don't forget and format the card).  You can see why the procedures in your book opened my eyes.  Now I plan to use ImageIngester Pro to download, Media Pro to catalog, Lightroom (& occasionally Photoshop) to edit, and SyncBack to copy files.  The only hole in the lineup was Media Pro, and I feel that your comments have helped me decide to add it to my work flow.  My experience in all this has been limited to using ACDSee for editing and hierarchical folders for organizing.  It will be a big step up but hopefully there won't be a need to make a major change in the near future.  Thanks again.