Phase One Buys Expression Media

This probably won’t be a huge surprise for a lot of people. Over the last year, many people have asked me about the future of Expression Media. Unfortunately, all that I could say was to wait.  As of today, the first part of that waiting is over – Microsoft has sold Expression Media to Phase One, the Danish company that makes Phase One cameras and Capture One software.

I’m glad to see that the product will be moving to a company that is intensely focused on the photographer. Unlike Microsoft, Phase One only makes tools for photography. I hope this means that the software development will accelerate, and that it will move in new directions that are essential for the visual creator.

Phase One has some offers for existing Capture One and Expression Media customers :

Capture One owners can get a free copy of Expression Media.

Expression Media owners can get a free copy of Capture One.

iView owners can get a free copy of Expression Media 2 as well.

Here’s the Upgrade page.

Press Release here.

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