Integrated DAM Workflow using Adobe Lightroom

Palm Springs Photo Festival - April 2011
E. P. Levine, Boston - May 2011
ASMP South Carolina - June 2011
Look3 Festival - June 2011

Presented by Peter Krogh
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External Resources
Intro Material
Workflow Demo Seminar Notes
Image Collection Structure and Catalog Handling
Lightroom Tools In-Depth
Additional Resources

External Resources
A free comprehensive website outlining best practices and workflow in digital imaging, created by ASMP with principle fuinding by the US Library of Congress through NDIIPP.

The Best Practices part of the website outlines the Digital Photography ecosystem, including infromation about color, format, software, storage, computer hardware, data verification and more.

The Workflow section presents end-to-end workflow demonstrations in video form. These include movie-driven demonstrations on a Lightroom-only workflow, as well as integration of Lightroom with Photoshop, and use of Lightroom for Camera Scanning of a film library.
A free comprehensive website providing photographic and multimedia workflow courses, along with business and marketing courses aimed at photographers and multimedia storytellers in the Majority World. Funded by World Press Photo, and administered by Africa Media Online.

Shutha (Zulu slang for photographer) offers movie-based instruction in a course format, starting with a lesson plan, and working through a series of lessons that build on each other. I suggest Lightroom users take the entire Lightroom Workflow course, in order.

The Lightroom 3 Missing FAQ
by Victoria Bampton
This essential guide to Ligthroom can answer nearly any question about nearly any tool in Lightroom. Victoria writes in a clear and engaging style. The book is available as a PDF for $25 and as a hard copy bundled with the PDF for $35. I consider this a must-have for every Lightroom user.
It's like having a friend you can call up any time, who knows what each control in Lightroom does.
The DAM Show
My blog, where I highlight developments in the world of digital photography, with an emphasis on asset menagement issues




Lightroom Before and After
A look at the Hope in South Africa Photos

Lightroom helps in sequencing and storytelling
A look at how collections can be used to assist in story development

Develop Demo
We run through a set of images, showing how the controls let you make great adjustments to your images
For more information on Develop and how each of the tools work, check out the movies on

Output and Publish demo
Send prints to output
Publish to Facebook or Flickr


Workflow Demonstration

Select Source
Select Copy Method
File Handling
Shutha Import Demo

Clean up grouping
Label sets
Rate for Quality
Shutha Organize Demo

Start with best images and work down
Paste settings where appropriate
Shutha Develop Demo

Export files for delivery
Shutha Export/Publish Demo

Convert to DNG
Transfer to Archive
Shutha Archive Demo


Image Collection Structure and Catalog Handling


How does Lightroom work?
A short description of non-destructive image editing, using the keynote flowchart

Catalogs and Files
Explain the separation of Catalogs and Files

This movie from the website outlines the difference between your Lightroom catlaogs, and the image files themselves.

The Lightroom catalog
Lightroom catalog structure - lrcat file, lrdata file, lock file, backups
What is the ideal number of catalogs?
Spliting and Merging catalogs
Catalog Backups - Set on Exit, How to Use
Backup to different drive, Exclude Previews

Catalog Configurations
Single Master Catalog
Master Catalog and Project or Working Catalogs
Trading changes between Master Catalog Copies

File storage
Create stable storage structure

Date-based Folders
DVD or Blu-ray bucket folders
Create a backup copy on a second drive
Create an offsite/offline backup on a third drive
If you need to, create a works-in progress folder as a temporary home for the images

Trading Changes:
A methodology for keeping Lightrom in sync on several computers:
A Master Catalog liveson Desktop Computer
A Duplicate Copy of this catalog is copied to the Laptop
Changes made on the Laptop can be exported as catalog and imported into the Desktop computer's version of the Master Catalog

1. Create Smart Collection for the date of the last Sync between catalogs using "Edited after [date]"
2. Copy the Master Catalog to the Laptop
3. Do work to the Laptop version of the Master Catalog
4. Select all images in the "Edited After [date]" Smart Collection and export a temporary "Transfger Catalog"
5. Confirm that none of these images have been edited since last sync on the Desktop's Master Catalog
6. Import Transfer Catalog into the Desktop's Master Catalog

The DNG File Format
Why DNG is useful with for Lightroom image storage
When to convert to DNG
How to Convert to DNG
DNG Checksum


Lightroom Tools In-depth


Importing Images
Set source and Copy/Move/Add
Set Preview and backups
File Renaming
Apply Metadata and Develop
Shutha Import Page

Organizing Images

Organizing your images in Library
Navigating the Organizational Tools in Library
Catalog, Folders, Collections
Filter Bar

Using Collections and Smart Collections
How do Smart Collections work
Link to Smart Collection download

Collections and Other Modules
Use Collections to group images for output
Collections are visible in all modules
Custom Sort Order is persistent in Collections
Shutha Library Page

Develop Tools
Navigation and Work Order

Develop Tools
What is Process Version and how do I upgrade my old photos?
Lens Correction and lens profiles
Using Camera Profiles
Download the DNG Profile Editor
dpBestflow instructions for camera profiling
What should be done in Lightroom and what should be done in Photoshop?
Shutha Develop Page

Export and Publish

Using Export rather than "edit in"
Creating and using Export Presets

Round Trip to Photoshop
Options for saving
Shutha Movie on integration with Photoshop

What is the Publishing Services tool?
Creating and updating a published collection

Tethered Shooting
Tethered Shooting Demo
Shutha Export Page


Additional Resources

Time Lapse
Sean McCormack created a Slideshow Preset than can be used to export a Time Lapse video from Ligthroom. Here's a link to the download and installation instructions.

Sean McCormack outlines the use fo his Lightroom Slideshow preset to create a timelapse video.

Puppet Warp
Jan Kabili has some great tutrials on Puppet Warp that are available on Youtube.

Plug-ins and more
How can plug-ins help?
Geotag with Jeffrey's plug-in
Beardsworth's DAM plugins