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Peter Krogh is a commercial photographer in the Washington DC area. He is part of Microsoft's Icons of Imaging program, and an Alpha Tester for Adobe, helping with Photoshop and Lightroom.

Peter is on the board of directors of ASMP, the American Society of Media Photographers. He speaks frequently on Digital Asset Management to photographers' groups and other computer users.

In the last few years, Peter has traveled the world, helping photogaphers and collection managers get a handle on the nuts and bolts of digital photography. He lives in Kensington MD with his wife Alyson and daughters Josie and Maddy.

You can see his photography work on his website, www.peterkrogh.com

He can be contacted by email or phone at 301-933-2468

About the Book

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In the second edition of The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers, Peter Krogh updates his ground-breaking book on creating and managing digital photography collection. Peter guides you through the entire digital photography ecosystem, showing you how hardware, software, file formats and workflow practices can work together to keep your images safe, and to let you get the most from your pictures.

Compellingly presented in 492 pages of four-color format, The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers brings Peter's understandable approach to a subject that can be technically intimidating. Krogh's twenty years of experience and instructive visual storytelling make this material not only accessible, but compulsory reading for serious digital photographers, and others who need to manage photo collections.

The second edition has been almost entirely rewritten, updating the material for the changed technical landscape. Chapters were added that covered the use of Lightroom, as well as an entirely new chapter on backup and validation of image files. Peter also covers the use of GPS devices and software to geotag your images. The second edition is more than 40% longer than the first, and includes quite a few flowcharts and new illustrations.

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