Multi-Catalog eBook now available on DVD

Krogh_131001_2568We have created a new delivery method for the DAM Book Guide to Multi-Catalog Workflow with Lightroom 5. It is now available on DVD at our store and on Amazon. This is a good option for people who might have trouble keeping track of their digital stuff (a little DAM joke, there).

This is the same content as the digital download version. Next up, producing an ePub version to read on iPad (no ETA on that one yet).

At the moment, the DVD is available with free USA shipping when you buy from us. International shipping available by quote.

Help Wanted

New digital publishing company seeks design and production help

DAM Useful publishing is really taking off, and we need to hire some freelance help, possibly leading to full-time employment in the near future. Listed below is our Help Wanted description. Ideally, we are looking for someone who is interested in doing everything below, but we are willing to split the job into several part.


Established author writing about digital photography, digital asset management and Adobe Lightroom has started a new publishing company creating multimedia digital publications primarily for direct sale. Although we’re new, we are experiencing a steep growth curve.

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Multi-Catalog Tip – Set Identity Plate

Here’s a tip from my new book. It’s a simple technique, but not everyone thinks to do it. If you use more than one catalog in Lightroom, you’ll want to create a custom Identity Plate that can show you which catalog you’re working in.  This can prevent you from accidentally importing personal images into a jobs catalog, for instance.

Setting the identity plate is easy and it’s outlined in the movie linked below. For more information on multi-catalgo workflow with Lightroom, check out the new book.

Using Multiple Lightroom Catalogs

When you use multiple catalogs in Lightroom, it’s important to be clear about why you are splitting your collection and what you hope to accomplish. In my new book, I outline the most common of these reasons so you can create a purpose-driven workflow. Most people’s workflow will fall into one of the following groups:

Multiple Master Catalogs
Project and Master Catalogs
Working and Archive Catalogs
Synchronized Catalogs
Satellite Catalogs.

Each of these workflows has a dedicated chapter outlining the goals and how to achieve them. The following video helps you understand what each of these configurations includes.


New Lightroom Multi-Catalog Workflow eBook!

Multi-Catalog Workflow 250I’ve just finished my newest book, The DAM Book Guide to Multi-Catalog Workflow with Lightroom 5. This multimedia eBook offers a deep dive into the tools, methods and workflows that make use of multiple catalogs with Lightroom 5.

This multimedia eBook uses text, videos, screenshots and animated flowcharts to help you create a solid multi-catalog workflow. Watch the movie below to see how I’ve approached the subject and the book.

We’re offering a special discount for people who have purchased The DAM Book or other products directly from us. Look for an offer in your email box or contact us directly.

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The other shoe dropping

Late breaking news: Facebook has delayed the implementation of the new policy. Send your comments to Facebook today. Link at the bottom of this post.
Facebook has just claimed the right to use or sell your identity, your content and your data without limit. They have nuked their own privacy policy, removing the right for you to keep anything private.   This takes the suckiness of the Instagram contract and adds even more suck by explicitly making you agree that everything they know about you is for sale, and that you have no right to keep any of it private. The new terms are set to take effect next Thursday.

ReallFcebookYou can find the proposed document here.


Facebook has asked for comments. They can be posted here.


Here’s the most important language (strikethrough indicates language that is being removed. Bold text is used to indicate the new additions).

You can use your privacy settings to limit how your name and profile picture may be associated with commercial, sponsored, or related content (such as a brand you like) served or enhanced by us. You give us permission to use your name, and profile picture, content, and information in connection with commercial, sponsored, or related that content (such as a brand you like) served or enhanced by us, subject to the limits you place. This means, for example, that you permit a business or other entity to pay us to display your name and/or profile picture with your content or information, without any compensation to you. If you have selected a specific audience for your content or information, we will respect your choice when we use it.

The Section-by-Section Summary of Updates takes pains to claim that Facebook has the right to collect and make use of data that it finds “when you are using Fcebook or when Facebook is running.” This probably gives Facebook a license to collect, use, share and sell most of your web browsing (unless you are running software to block cookies) and much of what your mobile phone is gathering, such as your location, phone calls, etc.

They are already collecting a lot of this information. The screenshot below is from my Facebook feed a few hours after I did a search for a hotel in Reston on a totally unrelated site. Facebook is already collecting, using and selling this kind of information. They are now asking for irrevokable permission to continue, and to add your photos to the mix.


As with the Instagram Terms of Use, I believe that Facebook is asking for open-ended permission here that does not serve the needs of users. This is an overly broad agreement that shifts the control over a person or company’s content and identity too far into the hands of Facebook.

I’ll be deleting the mobile application off my phone because I’m uncomfortable with the amount of data it gives to the company. I’ll have to think about any additional action depending on how the company responds to the comments.

The Instagram Papers

DAM Useful Publishing and ASMP have just released The Instagram Papers, a collection of essays about the current Instagram Terms of Use, and the rights that they give the company.  The company claims a right to do nearly anything with the photos and videos uploaded to the service, including to sell them, forever.


In response, we have put out an open call for a meaningful right to terminate social media contracts. We believe that the right to sublicense your photos and identity should be something you can revoke, if the company’s practices become objectionable.

Over the next few months, ASMP will be working with other organizations to advocate for this basic contractual right. If you are interested in lending your name or your organization’s name to the effort, you can contact me here.

Here’s a link to the complete papers, which are available for free download and distribution.



Educational Discount for The DAM Book

It’s back to school time, and here at DAM Useful Publishing, we’re helping you save some money for tuition (or any of the other things students and teachers need to buy.) We’re offering a 20% discount on the electronic copy of The DAM Book 2nd Edition for students with an EDU address. We’re also offering a free electronic desk copy for teachers.


Students with an EDU email address can use the code tdb-edu-913 to get their 20% off. Buy the book here. Enter the code at checkout.

Teachers can use that code as well. But if you write us, and tell us your name, email address, institution and course name, we’ll send you a code for a free desk copy of The DAM Book 2nd Edition PDF.

This promotion runs through the end of September.

The DAM Book now available in PDF!

DAM_Book_Cover_Digital2As of today, you can now purchase The DAM Book, 2nd Edition as a PDF file for digital download. This is the same version published by O’Reilly in 2009, with a new cover. This should be welcome news for overseas purchasers, as well as the many people who have asked for the book in electronic form over the last few years. We’re really happy to be able to make this available.

Digital Download – $19.99

I know there are some questions, so I have put together a short FAQ.

Where can I buy the PDF?
What formats are available?
Speaking of versions, aren’t we due for a new one?
Are printed copies still available?
If I’ve already bought the paper book, can I still get a discount?
Can I buy from Amazon?
Why should I buy from you?
Did you say Special Offers?

Where can I buy the PDF?
At the moment, you can only purchase it from us. We’re selling through ContentShelf, which handles the transaction and download. This is our first time using this service, and we’ll be very interested in the buyer experience.

What formats are available?
The book is available as a paper copy and as a PDF.   It’s unlikely that we will make it available in any other electronic formats, for this version.

Speaking of versions, aren’t we due for a new one?
This book was published in 2009, so the software versions included in the workflow sections are several versions old. However the fundamentals in the book are still quite solid and useful. I’m planning on writing a new version, but have not worked out the details yet. If you’d like to be placed on our mailing list, send me a note.

Are printed copies still available?
Yes, there are a limited number of printed copies available. You can buy from Amazon or from us directly. If you buy directly from us, we’ll also provide a free digital download of the PDF.  (You can buy a printed copy from Amazon, but it won’t qualify for a free digital download.)

Order your book here, and we’ll send you a coupon for a digital download within 24 hours.

If I’ve already bought a paper version, can I still get a discount?
We will offer a free version of the PDF book to anyone who purchased it directly through our website. Sorry, this does not apply to anyone who purchased the book through Amazon or any other outlet.

Qualified purchasers can contact us here to request their coupon.  Please provide name, address and purchase info at the time of request.

Can I buy the PDF from Amazon?
O’Reilly also has rights to sell a digital version of the book. The book may become available on the O’Reilly site and/or Amazon. At the moment, DAMuseful Publishing has no plans to sell through Amazon or iTunes.

Why should I buy from you?
We will offer special discounts for people who buy directly from us.

It’s our hope and expectation that we will be able to make book writing and video training a sustainable business by selling direct. When we provide the retail part of the transaction, it helps to make our business sustainable.

Did you say Special Offers?
As a matter of fact, I did. We’ll start by taking care of past customers. Anyone who bought The DAM Book 2nd Edition directly from us will be eligible for a free download of the digital version. And as we publish more books and videos, we will continue to offer repeat customers some love in exchange for their loyalty.

Email directly to request a voucher. Remember to provide name, address and purchase info.